Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Running Club Night

So last night I headed out to run with the Shirlington Running Club.  Love running with them..ok, not sure if it is the run or the socializing and beer afterwards that I really like.  Yeah I like the beer and socializing afterwards more than the run.  This Tuesday was our last time at Cap City Brewery, next week we move down to a new restaurant for happy hour.  I guess we were getting too big for Cap City.  The new place has organic beer, hope it is good.  Next week we also start the new run route.  Hope I like it.  Right now the run through the forest (ok it is a park, but I like to refer to it as the forest..makes it sound larger than it is) is getting pretty dark and scary.  I might even have to go out and invest in a headlamp to run in.  But not sure about that yet.  The new route is along a pretty well lit bike/run path so I am hoping I won't really need one.  We will see.

Hung around until 10 talking and having a few beers.  We didn't realize the time so we quickly said bye and we were off to home.  Wouldn't you know it that was the time when an accident was slowing traffic on 95.  So an hour later I pull into my house.  The only thing I don't like about the running club is that it is on a Tuesday, which sometimes makes for a really tiring Wednesday.  But it is worth it for the run and the socializing with other people who are not teachers. :)  I mean don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with all my teacher friends and talking about school stuff, but it is really nice to be among other people and hear about their jobs and life. :) 

The scale is still broken.  Although I really haven't followed through on my plan.  I am heading out to the gym tonight though :)  Happy Running all.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

broken scale

So I am convinced I have a broken scale.  The numbers on my scale keep going up and very rarely go down..yep sounds like a broken scale to me!  Just in case it is not a broken scale I started back at the gym today.  I figured if I am paying the money I might as well make an appearance every once in awhile.  So I ran and biked today.  Felt so good I will be back for more tomorrow.  Hopefully this will help cure the broken scale. :) 

 I am thinking I might start writing down what I eat and keeping track of the calories again.  I am so not good with that. But I am really not liking the number on the scale so I guess this is what I need to do. :(  Write everything down..grrr.  So I guess I have just come up with my plan to fix the scale

1.  Write down what I put in my mouth and the calories attached
2.  Hit the gym more regularly and/or run outside more frequently than the past month
3.  Take Riley on more walks.

Ok, I wrote it down so I guess that means I must follow it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Winner, winner 2 chicken dinners!

So I think I should buy a Lottery ticket quick!  In the last twenty four hours I have won, not one, but two blog giveaways!  I am never that lucky!  I came home from a great run and happy hour with the running club.  My friend Megan joined us (she is not a runner but said she would come), well looks like we might have hooked her into the running club.  She had lots of fun and said she is coming back for more. :)  Then I come home all tired and turn the computer on and I see that Bobbie's blog 2010 Journey in Running had a winner for her Yurbuds giveaway.  Well I guess I will check it out..wait is that my comment?  Yep I won!  So exciting!  And turns out it is the second time I have won something from Bobbie :)  If you haven't checked out Bobbie's blog yet you really should.

So I am feeling all happy today about my great win and I come home all tired from work and once again I see a winner announced on Mindy's blog 13.1 Miles to Go for the Bondiband giveaway.  And bingo, I won the bondiband too!  If you haven't checked out Mindy's you need to go there now!  I can't beleive it 2 giveaway wins in the last 24 hours.  Both great giveaways that I have always wanted to try. 

Thanks again and I am off to buy that Lottery ticket!

Monday, October 18, 2010

chasing Paul

After school Paul and I decided to go running at the local middle school track.  I had never ran with Paul but I was pretty sure he was faster than I am.  I mean really a turtle is faster than I am..but that is a different post.  So I figured that the track would be a pretty safe place to run. If we run different paces we could run our own and still feel like we are running together.  Well we got to the middle school and the girl's soccer team was using the track.  So we decided to take our run into the neighborhood.  We started the run together but all too quickly it turned into me chasing after Paul.  Yeah I couldn't keep up.  I am going to blame my short legs and Paul's long legs really not fair!   Paul did stop at some of the stop signs to wait for me, not ever sign but some of them.  Turned out to be a pretty ok run.  We are meeting up on Wed. for another run or a chase, whichever you want to think of it.  Tomorrow is the running club followed by some beer.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

a few miles and I am done...

Today was the perfect day for a run..high 60's...sun was out..I could smell fall in the air.  So, even though I didn't want to lace up the shoes I did.  I went out for a super quick 2 miles.  On mile 2 I realized that the cold I had last weekend must still be lingering in my chest b/c it was really getting hard to breathe..oh well I guess this will be a 2 mile run.  Better than nothing. :) 

Today has been dog sitting central.  I have had to run over to my friend Paul's house to let out his dog Holly while they drove clear to NY to go the Headless Horseman haunted something or other, then they are turning around and driving the six hours back.  Yep he is crazy.  Then I am letting out my friend Stacy's American Bull Dog, Porter.  When I go over there I can take my Riley with me and they run around in the backyard.  Riley loves much room.  He doesn't like an 80lb dog running over top of him, but hey everything comes with a price :)  So in between the driving back and forth between everyone's house I went for a short run.  Go me!  Tomorrow I am debating on putting on my running clothes heading to Stacy's to let Porter out and then heading over to the gym (I will have to look up directions to the gym b/c it has been so long since I have been there).  But if it is as nice a day as today I might just come back and run the hood again.  I guess we will see what tomorrow will bring. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

great blog giveaway!

Check out Mindy's blog for a great bondiband giveaway!   If you haven't followed Mindy on 13.1 miles to go you should check it out!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Run forest!

Two days of running in a row!  That's right I ran again today.  I know you thought that I couldn't run the day after yesterday's long run (1 mile).  But I did.  Met K and Becky at the track and did some laps and some sprints...legs are a bit sore right now. Did over an hour.   Gotta love it.  I don't want to jinx it but I might be out of my funk!!  Yeah!!!

Tomorrow is the running club.  So that is definitely a running day. I  might have convinced my friend Megan to join us for a run tomorrow too.  We will see.  It is a bit of a drive on a school night.  But I told her she might make new friends and there is beer after the run.  Who can turn down a Tuesday night run followed by happy hour anyway?? 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flying Pirate...ARRR

Ok, so I think we have found a new half marathon to run.  It is the Flying Pirate Half Marathon in OBX.  Sounds fun.  I mean really with the name Flying Pirate..who wouldn't want to run it?  It sounds like it is relatively that is a bonus.  It looks like this is the second year of the race.  And you are running in the Outer Banks, how bad can that be?  In April the weather should be good..and if I get in to the Cherry Blossom 10 miler again it is the weekend before the half and that happens to be the weekend that I need to run 10  miles so that is a bonus!  Everything is pointing to signing up for the run.  Now it is recruitment time. :) 

On a plus side I ran a mile tonight (I know crazy how far I ran).  But I am happy with that considering that yesterday I couldn't I am happy with the mile run and the mile walk.  Tomorrow I am going to run with K. and then Tuesday it is back to the running club.  Hopefully this ends the running funk. :)

Tomorrow is a great day at school, field day.  So I get to hang out with the kids and run around the field with them.  Maybe do some events with them.  I love to see how my jump roping skills hold up to some of those girls too. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I've lost that running feeling..oh that running feeling

Ever since the 1/2 marathon I have not felt like running (or working out at all).  I did run with the Tuesday running club, but that has been about it.  I am sure it doesn't help that I have been a bit congested (I have just discovered the joys of Musinex).  So I am hoping that will clear up soon.  But really there has been no reason why I just don't want to do anything.  I brought my running gear for the last two days to work, thinking maybe if I lace up after school and don't come home until I run that will work.  Well it didn't.  My running stuff is still sitting behind my desk and to make matters worse I just realized that I didn't even bring it home lol.  I think I will make myself head either for a run or the gym on Sat. morning.  Then I will be looking for some new runs to run.  That seems to be the big motivator for me, running races.  How does everyone keep motivated?  I am hoping that I will just wake up and think I need to run now!!!  But as of yet it hasn't happened..

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pizza Please

Tonight I am not running, I am enjoying some pizza.  I love pizza!  I could eat it everyday and not get sick of it...yummy.  My friends and I have decided to go and try a mom and pop pizza place in our town.  I guess if you and a friend order two 28" pizzas you can win a shirt and your pizzas are free.  So we decided to go and scope the place out.  Nobody is taking on the challenge tonight, but we wanted to see what the pizza had to offer.  Our friend Nick is debating on taking on the challenge with a friend.  I am simply going b/c I love pizza!  What a great support system I am! lol  I was going to go and run tonight, but I forgot that we made pizza plans..and really if I promised to go grab a pizza I don't want to back out and let people down ;)  Running might have to happen tomorrow. :)

Pizza update: we got to the Family Pizzeria and it was not open.  Looks like it is still operational so we might try again another day.  It also looked a bit sketchy..but sometimes that is the place with the best food.  We ended up going to Sam's pizza, first time there and not bad.