Sunday, November 10, 2013

Where's the running love??

So after the Marine Corps Marathon I just have not been in the mood to run.  I have ran a whole 2 miles..yeah I know you're jealous!  I just have not been feeling the love for running.  Or maybe running has not been feeling the love for me..either way I have not done much.  I could give you a bunch of all know I am good at those:

1.  sinus issues
2.  knee bothering me
3.  back has been hurting from boot camp last week
4.  It has been (insert one or more of the following:  too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy, too dark, too sunny, too tired to run..etc)

I remember when running and I were in love..I couldn't wait to come home and put on my running shoes on and head out the door.  Or the times when I just would daydream about all of the fun spots I could head out to and run..Ah the butterflies before we would head out the door to meet on the road..and the smile that you get when you are together.  Ah young love. Don't worry I think the love will be back, we are just going through a bit of a rough patch.

I have a half marathon coming up at the end of the month..well the weekend before turkey day I need to get my running legs in gear.  Annapolis will be here before I know it.  Tomorrow is the day it all comes together.  I am either running the hood..or the gym..either way there is no reason not to put on my running shoes.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up and get out there and run.  I have been walking Riley I don't feel like I have been a total slug.


Kim said...

I think every runner goes through periods where running isn't the thrill and joy that it should be. For me, usually a short break and I'm ready to get back at it!!!

Jennifer K. said...

I always have a dip in motivation in the weeks after an event. Just keep plugging along. You'll hit an upswing again eventually!

Sarah said...

It took me a while to get back into running after my marathon last year. I just wasn't feeling it. I think it's totally normal.

And actually right now, I've been feeling the same way too. Running ruts are no fun -- but its a perfect time to switch some things up a bit and take a little break. Whenever I am going through one I'll sign up for a few races to get the motivation going again.

I hope you fall back in love again soon!! :)

steena said...

I agree with what Kim said. We all go through it, and it seems to me your body wants a break if your knee is a bit achy. Enjoy some time off, skip the half if you're not feeling up to it. 13.1 is a loooong way if you're not feeling up to it!

Barbara said...

Don't worry. You WILL fall in love again. I go through that all the time. BTW, I'm struggling with sinus issues, too! If you have any awesome tips I'd love to hear them:)

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